BLACKBURN’S Wainwright Way Bridge and Darwen's Jubilee Tower feature in a colourful campaign to celebrate Lancashire.

Artist Chas Jacobs has painted 15 artworks showcasing iconic landmarks from the region’s towns and cities for BBC Radio Lancashire’s #WeLoveLancashire campaign.

The acrylic works include Blackburn’s Wainwright Way Bridge, Jubilee Tower in Darwen, Clitheroe Castle and the Singing Ringing Tree in Burnley.

Mr Jacobs, 62, has been a full-time painter for 25 years and has worked with dozens of schools across the county.

The broadcaster’s campaign is aimed at celebrating Lancashire’s positive aspects.

The paintings were unveiled at BBC Radio Lancashire’s base in Darwen Street, Blackburn.

Mr Jacobs said: “I think Lancashire is an undiscovered gem.

“It’s a beautiful county. I think the art I do is real, it’s not pretentious, it’s something I have a strong passion for.

“The paintings look simple but each one has layer upon layer of colour to help them stand out. I had around three or four weeks to put the collection together which was a great challenge for me.”

Mr Jacob’s style takes inspiration from pop artist David Hockney as well as painter and printmaker John Piper.

John Clayton, Radio Lancashire’s managing editor, said: “This is all about celebrating how brilliant Lancashire and its people and places are.

“It’s about time we started speaking up for ourselves.

“We know how fantastic Lancashire is, but that message has to be louder.

“We are encouraging people from across the country to join the campaign.

“We commissioned Chas to come up with these iconic images for our campaign as they depict our beautiful county in such a bright, positive and happy way.

“We will be striving to showcase this across BBC Radio Lancashire.”

Mr Jacobs will be holding a watercolour workshop at BBC Radio Lancashire as part of Blackburn’s Festival of Making on Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 3.15pm.