A FAMILY had to be evacuated after a utility room caught fire in their house.

Firefighters were called to Bennington Street in Blackburn at 11pm on Wednesday.

The fire service reported the dryer had caught fire while it was on and while the family were inside.

However a family spokesman said the fire had started in the boiler.

A Bennington Street resident said: “I saw the fire service outside the house but didn’t know exactly what was going on.

“I hope the family are okay. “It must have been very worrying for them.”

A fire service spokesman said: “The young family were evacuated and a neighbour suffered minor burns to his hands while he tried to put the fire out.

“We always recommend if a fire is found in a room, close the door if safe to do so and call the fire service.

“The bottom floor of the house had smoke damage."

A nearby Haslingden Road resident said: “We saw two fire engines from the back of our house which looked onto the house.

“We were really worried as we feared someone may have been seriously injured.

“I hope the neighbour who hurt himself is not too badly hurt.”