A PIGEON feeder has been fined for littering as part of a new crackdown on the nuisance birds.

The crackdown was launched in April to tackle the problem of pigeon feeders encouraging birds to Blackburn's bus station.

Posters were placed in the bus station, with council bosses warning anyone dropping food for the birds will fall foul of the their litter enforcement team which patrols the area.

Blackburn with Darwen council environment boss Cllr Jim Smith confirmed that one person has been given a £75 council-style enforcement fine for feeding pigeons.

The borough introduced £75 fines for dropping cigarette butts and rubbish on the streets in October 2017, with Kingdom Environmental Enforcement running the scheme - and people dropping food for pigeons comes under this.

Cllr Smith said: "Feeding pigeons causes rodent problems and encourages pigeons into the bus station."

He was speaking as new red and white posters have been placed by council bosses at the bus station warning people not to feed pigeons.