IF you were hoping for a respite from the wet weather, then you're in for a shock.

Forecasters are predicting plenty of rain over the next week, although East Lancashire won't be getting hit as hard as other parts of the country.

The Met Office has warned that 'often heavy and persistent' rain will continue until the weekend, when there will be a break in the weather with some sunny spells predicted.

A spokesman said: "The rain will turn more showery on Thursday and these showers will continue over the weekend but they will become more isolated, with some warmer sunny spells."

Moving towards the end of the week, thunder storms could be on the horizon thanks the mix of sunny spells and cold rain air.

Temperatures are to remain on the cool side until then, though by next week things are expected to pick up with a generally more sunny outlook.

The spokesman said: "Occasional rain or showers remain and it will probably be rather windy at times, though there will be dry and bright spells too."