EAST LANCASHIRE motorists were warned about the rise in petrol after enjoying a long period of low prices.

The prices were expected to rise to £1 a gallon by September 1979.

Mr Goldie Goldsmith, North West spokesman for the Motor Agents’ Association, said: “It is the end of the line for discount petrol in this area.

“The North West in particular has enjoyed cheap petrol for some time, but we can now expect a general increase in the price of petrol, paraffin, and heating oils.”

Mr Goldsmith said that the price of an untaxed gallon of petrol had risen from 35 and a half pence to 90p on the Rotterdam market, which supplied many small companies.

Bigger companies like Shell refused to take on new businesses, resulting in heavy losses for the smaller businesses.

Mr Goldsmith added: “I was in Devon yesterday and petrol is already over 90p per gallon there.” It was not just petrol prices, but heating and lubricating oils.

Motorists already faced a 15 per cent rise in petrol by October. Bosses also pleaded with drivers not to panic buy and rush to the pumps. The decision to increase costs came as the Iranian Revolution hit the market.