An engineer who attended a major incident dressed in pyjamas has been hailed a hero after his swift actions saved a hospital from catastrophic flooding.

When a hot water pipe burst at Clitheroe Community Hospital at 3am one morning in May, Sean Greenwood dived straight into action.

Arriving on site, he found the whole of the ground floor flooded after the pipe above the suspended ceiling had burst.

The engineer, from Cliviger near Burnley, said: "Water was spraying out all over, covering critical electrical services and equipment.

"Suspended ceilings had collapsed as well as flooding numerous rooms and corridors."

Mr Greenwood worked to stop the flood and co-ordinated extra subcontractor resources to ensure that patients and staff wouldn't be affected.

Drenched from head to toe, he was then forced to change out of soaking wet clothes into the only other clothing available on site - a pair of patient pyjamas.

He then continued working for a further four hours to contain the flood, and stayed on for an extra two hours after his shift finished to ensure minimal disruption to patient services.

His rapid response has now earned him Employee of the Month for May from East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Operational Estates Manager, and Mr Greenwood's manager, Larry Cottey, said: "As a result of Sean’s commitment, all outpatient services were available the next morning without any appointments being cancelled and the kitchen was able to provide patient meals on time.

"Sean showed true dedication to getting the job done.

"He continued working to ensure minimal disruption whilst wearing patient pyjamas, despite numerous funny comments from staff and contractors."

Mr Greenwood will now be shortlisted for the ELHT Employee of the Year award to be presented at the Trust’s STAR Awards ceremony in spring 2020.