AN EAST Lancashire forest is among the best woodland bike rides in England – revealed to mark the 100th anniversary of the Forestry Commission.

The bike run through Gisburn Forest has been named no2 best woodland bike ride by Scott Snaith, founder of leading UK e-bike retailer 50cycles and who has put together the list.

Scott said: “In the beautiful Forest of Bowland, Gisburn’s four tracks offer up what is described as “fantastic mountain-biking” from novices to the most experienced riders.

"At 5.5 miles, the Bottoms Beck trail is perfect for intermediate cyclists or mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills, with riders dropping down a causeway, over Stocks Reservoir and long the bumpy Eggberry Road.

"This leads to an easier green-graded section which follows an old railway line before the journey goes into a single track at Park Wood and down to Cocklet Hill.

"Gisburn also has the quarter-mile-long Hope Line and Leap of Faith route, which is packed with twisting and fun downhill trails as well as berms, jumps and drop-offs.

"Physically demanding and only for expert mountain bikers, full face helmets and body armour must be worn for maximum safety.

"Also challenging is Skills loop, made up of three linked mini loops of various grades. It’s packed with technical features and obstacles that offer progressively harder riding.

"Lastly, at 11 miles long, The 8 boasts the gnarly Whelp Stone Crag and there is also an optional section of black trail known as Hully Gully."