A MAN who featured on a Channel 5 documentary about private renting has slammed the programme for portraying him in a negative light.

Dean Pickard, 32, was filmed as part of the Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords eight-part series which started on Monday.

The documentary followed Darwen-based Ainsworth Lord Estates owner, Paul Ainsworth-Lord, deal with the tenant who owed a month's rent.

The episode depicted Mr Pickard, originally from Burnley, become aggressive with Mr Ainsworth-Lord, after refusing to let him in to complete an inspection and serve a notice.

Mr Pickard claims the footage was edited to make him look like a bad person and a lot of the film was not shown.

He said: “I am not the person this programme has made me out to be. It’s put me in a bad light.

“I tried to talk to Paul before I got angry but the show doesn’t show that.

“I became angry because of the pressure, the cameras were at my house all the time and it was constant.”

Mr Pickard said his world came crashing down after his father died of an illness two years ago.

Since then he has split up with his partner and has stopped talking to his mother.

He said: “I have had so much going on and it all became too much. I told the cameras to go away and they wouldn’t. I got so wound up.”

The programme showed Mr Pickford becoming aggressive and making threats as well as calling Mr Ainsworth-Lord a “cripple”.

Mr Ainsworth had battled with an aggressive form of cancer when he was 13 and resulted in him having most of his pelvis removed and uses a walking stick to help him walk.

Mr Pickard said he signed an eviction notice which resulted in him becoming homeless.

He said: “I left all my belongings in the house because I had nowhere to go.

“I had spoken to the letting agency about my month's rent I owed, which had been late by two weeks. I said I would pay it and they came round and you can saw what happened on the show.”

Mr Pickard, now living in a hotel, said: “I was really upset during this whole thing.

“I couldn’t watch it all on Monday as it was too much.

“I just want to get my side across and show people I’m not the person people think I am.”

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A spokesman for the programme said: "This is an observational documentary series following tenants, landlords and councils in a stretched rental market.

"Mr Pickard gave informed consent to be filmed, the programme is a fair and accurate reflection of events.”