THE latest data published in the 2018-19 Cask Report, showed the average price of cask beer was £3.39. It also revealed that the lowest average price of £2.94, was in Wales.

Not surprisingly, London topped the averages at £3.82 with Lancashire’s £3.07 comparing very favourably with most of the regional figures.

This data prompted me to investigate what value beer drinkers across East Lancashire were getting for their pint of cask conditioned ales. So, without further ado, permit me to reveal some of the present day prices I identified across the locality.

Well, there is certainly excellent value in Burnley. The New Brew-m in the town centre offers a selection of six cask ales, irrespective of strength, for just £2.25 a pint. And a short stroll to the Bridge Bier Huis reveals more great value, with their range of cask beers priced at £2.50. Two of the pubs on the outskirts of the town, namely, the Craven Heifer, Harle Syke, and the Hare and Hounds, Haggate, charge £2.65 to £2.85, and £3 respectively.

More price-friendly beers are identified in Blackburn. Town centre micropub, the Drummers Arms, charges £2.50 for their range of cask beer. In fact, the price has remained the same since it opened in November 2016.

At the Hare and Hounds, Lammack, a pint ranges from £2.40 to £2.70. And the brass in your pocket will go just as far for your beery beverage at Cherry Tree Cricket Club,on the edge of the town.

It’s a similar and welcome story in neighbouring Hyndburn. Grant’s Bar, situated just outside Accrington town centre, charges £2.90 for its range of ales up to 5 per cent ABV. The price is increased to £3.10 over 5 per cent; still well under the national average. Owner, Justin Grant said: “I think our prices are there or thereabouts. We make the beer ourselves on-site. So, we can hit the profit margins required.

“However, I do feel ales in general are underpriced - and worry about the knock-on effect to stand-alone breweries in the future.”

A visit to three popular watering holes in Rawtenstall town centre, will replicate the trend of beer prices well below the national average. Northern Whisper’s Tap Room charge between £2.70 and £3 on their cask beer menu.

At the nearby Hop microbar, prices average around £2.85. Mind you, their ‘house ale’ is just £2.30. Casked micropub on the main road have their range of cask conditioned ales marked-up at between £2.60 and £2.90.

The latest data that revealed the £3.39 national figure, prompted me to conduct a poll on Twitter, asking what was the average price you paid for cask ale. Almost a thousand people responded. It revealed that 54 per cent paid over £3.50; 32 per cent between £3 and £3.50; and a paltry 14 per cent were fortunate enough in having to dole out under three pounds for their pint.

In conclusion, I’m of the opinion that the above findings have identified what excellent value the discerning cask ale drinkers across East Lancashire experience, when visiting the pub.