A FATHER who believed he might have been over the drink-drive limit sped away from a police car which led to in a high-speed chase.

Burnley Crown Court heard Morgan Greenwood drove his recently bought Vauxhall Astra past a police officer in Newchurch Road, Bacup, in November.

The court heard the officer decided to follow Greenwood, 47, to New Line when the defendant began to accelerate away.

Police dashcam footage played in court showed the police officer had reached up to 74mph to chase down the car which went out of sight at one point.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, said less than a mile later Greenwood hit several parked cars. When officers searched the car they found a knife.

He said: "The officer put on his lights and sirens and followed him.

"He reached speeds of 60mph in a 30mph zone.

"The officer opened the passenger door and he began to search the vehicle.

"He noticed a serrated kitchen knife.

"The defendant was arrested and interviewed, he made full admission of the offence."

The court heard Greenwood had recently bought the car and had drunk a can of strong lager.

Mr Parker said: "He was driving to a friend's house and saw the police car parked up.

"He thought he might have been over the limit and accelerated away from the police car.

"The knife was in the car when he bought it but he did not bother to take it out the car.

"He had no insurance."

Greenwood has 16 convictions for 27 offences and breached a 18-month suspended prison sentence which was handed to him in May last year for growing cannabis.

Matt Howarth, defending, said: "He pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and assisted police in their investigations.

"He bought the vehicle at 10pm the night before he was aware some items were in the car.

"It so happens when police searched the vehicle they found the item.

"No one was injured and no serious damage was caused to the vehicles."

Greenwood, of Cutler Crescent, Bacup, pleaded guilty to driving without due care, driving without insurance, breaching a suspended sentence and having a bladed article in public and was given a two-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months.

He was ordered to complete 15 rehabilitation days, fined £150 and given six points, added onto his 10 previous points, and was disqualified for driving for six months.

Judge Jonathan Gibson said: "The knife was not on your person but in the vehicle.

"As for your explanation, there's no evidence to say your explanation was not correct.

"You know you can not have it in a public place. There is much public concern over knives."