A NETWORKING group in Burnley has generated more than £3million since its inception.

The BNI Kudos team meets in the Chairman's Lounge at Turf Moor for weekly breakfast sessions.

And the chapter 's early risers are already streets ahead of their rivals when it comes to looking out for one another.

Mike Steel, chapter president, said: "We are incredibly proud that a group of just 25 people has been able to generate so much business since we launched.

"Our chapter has been going from strength-to-strength and of the £3million generated since launch, over £1.2 million has been passed in the last 12 months."

The network is one of several across East Lancashire, with BNI having 240,000 members worldwide.

Mr Steel added: "The great thing about BNI is that it's local businesses helping one another and keeping business local.

"In a digital age, it's great to see how interpersonal relationship and people power can still have such a massive impact on business success."