A DRINK driver who tried to do a runner was caught by police after a short foot chase.

Blackburn magistrates heard Lim Jonathon Smith had a previous conviction for drink driving.

Smith, 27, of Beech Drive, Whalley, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol and failing to stop when required by a police officer. He was fined £230 with £85 costs and £30 victim surcharge and banned from driving for three years.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said police saw a car parked in a Whalley side street at 12.15 am and when they turned round the car drove off. The followed and illuminated their lights.

"It was clear the driver was not going to stop, although he was not speeding, and the officers suspected he was going to run off," said Miss Allan.

Peter King, defending, said his client had gone to a friend's house after work and they had a few cans of beer.

"It was never his intention to drive," said Mr King.

"He was meant to get a lift home but that didn't materialise. He accepts he was aware the police were following him and he did run away."