Residents have been kicking up a fuss over a children's football tournament that caused traffic and parking chaos on a residential road.

On Saturday, Blackburn Eagles hosted a football competition on the playing fields between Blacksnape Road and Pole Lane, near Hoddlesden.

Despite on-site parking being provided, some residents have complained that cars were double parked, obstructing the road.

Susan Skipper, who has lived on Blacksnape Road for 20 years, said: "For the whole day the village was jammed by cars parked selfishly and dangerously.

"Farm vehicles struggled to get through and pedestrians were forced to walk in the road.

"In addition, traffic struggled to get down due to the narrowness of the carriageway because of double parking.

"As a villager, I was concerned that should there have been an emergency, ambulances and fire appliances would have been unable to get through.

"It's lucky that the weather was damp as it's not so long since there was a moorland fire close to The Crown and Thistle at the other end of the road."

Mrs Skipper, 55, said similar events used to take place once a year, but were stopped due to the issues around adequate parking.

She added: "I’ve since heard that this event was for Blackburn football clubs, even though Darwen clubs have been unable to hold their annual competition at Blacksnape due to the parking issue."

Around 4000 people attended the tournament on Saturday, and according to organisers, it was their biggest tournament to date.

It's the first time the playing fields on Blacksnape Road have been used by Blackburn Eagles and club officials said the site was chosen as it can accommodate more people and has more adequate parking spaces.

A spokesperson for Blackburn Eagles said: "We used one of the pitches for car parking to try and keep the cars off the road.

"We did have volunteers on Blacksnape stopping cars from driving up there and directing vehicles where to go. Unfortunately, you can't stop some people from parking where they want.

"We try to do what we can at events like this, the majority of people listen, but a lot of people, sadly don't."

Councillor Paul Browne who represents Darwen East said that any event like this is going to draw a lot of traffic to the area.

He said: "Next time, cones or bollards should be placed on the roads to stop people parking there."