Recommendations to re-introduce maintenance grants has been welcome by Blackburn College, saying they help many people access a degree-level education

Jennifer Eastham, Vice Principal (Finance and Corporate Services) at Blackburn College said: “Blackburn College is awaiting with interest the next developments following the publication of the Augar report. Generally the College welcomes any developments that reduce the costs of university education for students.

“Similarly, the removal of any barriers that present a potential student from studying can only be a positive step.

“Blackburn College already charges fees at a level lower than many universities. For Blackburn College this means students can gain a Lancaster University awarded degree by studying in Blackburn, without a price tag of in excess of £9,000 a year.

“The college would welcome the re-introduction of maintenance grants which were removed in 2016. These non-repayable grants were given to students from low-income households who may otherwise not have been able to access university."