DOG lovers who are inseparable from their pets can take them along to the screening of the latest 'bark-buster' at a boutique cinema.

The Palace Cinema in Longridge will host a screening of A Dog’s Journey on Saturday July 14 at 10.30am and for the first time will allow people to bring their best friends, be they a great Dane or a pug.

Manager at the cinema, Lara Hewitt, said they wanted to cater for film lovers who find it difficult to pop out and see a film and leave their pooch pals at home.

She said: “We have never tried this before, but we are doing it for people with anxiety issues, who cannot go anywhere without their dog.

“Many people consider their dog to be part of their family and we are a community centre that has previously put on special screenings for dementia sufferers and baby friendly things among others."

Dogs will not be allowed on the seats and the cinema is asking that owners do not bring disruptive or aggressive animals as this may cause problems for other owners.

And regular cinema-goers have no need to worry about any mess being left behind.

Lara said: “We show over 1,000 films a year, and this is just one day. We would like to stress that it isn’t something we will do all the time and will thoroughly clean up after the dogs.

“We have a café and garden which is open for people sit with their dogs at. So, we had a few people through the doors asking if they could bring dogs into the cinema.

“Depending on how the day goes, we will see if this is something we can try again in the future."

Lara said that she also noted that the Picture House in Cambridge did something similar and it was a success and decided to try it out.

A sequel to the 2017 hit family drama A Dog's Purpose, A Dog’s Journey follows canine companion Bailey as he seeks to follow his owner’s wishes and look after his granddaughter who is being raised by a neglectful mother.