A LOVING husband and father who suffered from depression took his own life, an inquest found.

Ian Jeffrey, 56, was found dead by an angler in Holden Wood Reservoir, off Grane Road, Haslingden, on December 16.

At an inquest in Burnley, it was heard that Mr Jeffrey had been reported missing from his home in St Thomas Close, Helmshore, that morning.

Coroner Richard Taylor said: “He was reported as missing after he had left a note and had sent text messages to his family members. There was so much concern raised in relation to the contents of the letter that the police were notified.”

It was explained that Mr Jeffrey had last been seen by his son at around 11pm on December 15.

The family received a phone call the following morning to say a fisherman had found the body of a man face down in the water.

A mobile phone and note were found in a plastic bag on the bank of the reservoir, which contained details of his depression and mentioned problems with tax credits that dated back to 2010.

Mr Taylor said: “Following a post mortem examination, Dr Jim Simpson confirmed the cause of death to be drowning, and a toxicology report showed that there was also alcohol in his system.”

Giving evidence at the inquest, Detective Inspector Tim Brown, who attended the scene on the morning of December 16, said that Mr Jeffrey’s body was found in a secluded and rural spot, away from the main road, that was mainly used by dog walkers and fishermen.

DI Brown said: “The letter demonstrated an intent to end his life and we were aware from the outset that there had already been messages sent and letters left to his family.”

It was explained that Mr Jeffrey had been prescribed anti-depressants in 2010 but had not been seen by his GP since 2015, when he told his doctor that he did not want to take any medication for his condition.

Speaking during the inquest, Mr Jeffrey’s son, Alex, said his father was a worrier and an over-thinker.

He said: “There was nothing unusual about the evening before his death. When I woke up I had a call from my mum and then saw the text from dad on my phone.”

Mr Taylor recorded a conclusion of suicide and said Mr Jeffrey died in Holden Wood Reservoir having deliberately immersed himself in the water.