ONE of East Lancashire's 'super schools' is looking to create its first wave of alumni.

Old boys and girls from Shuttleworth College are being sought to inspire future generations of youngsters at the Padiham school.

Careers teachers are working with the educational charity Future First to establish an 'old school tie' network.

Ruth England, Shuttleworth's headteacher, said: "When we heard about Future First’s scheme, we signed up straightaway.

"A network of past pupils with all of their valuable experience will be an invaluable resource to add to our award-winning programme of careers education.

"We can't wait to work with our talented alumni to raise the aspirations of current pupils and equip them for the world of work."

Matt Lent, Future First's chief executive, added: "Students cannot be what they cannot see. It is vital to open their eyes to opportunities beyond their own world and show them the range of jobs available.

"Alumni help schools do this by acting as relatable positive role models. If a student sees someone who has the same background has gone on to achieve success, they are far more likely to think they can too."

People can volunteer by e-mailing careers leader Frances Ackroyd, on