RIBBLE Valley MP Nigel Evans and a Clitheroe cosmetic doctor are calling for new rules to ensure medical qualifications for those who inject Botox or dermal fillers into people’s faces.

The Tory backbencher raised the concerns of Dr Grant McKeating, who runs clinics in Clitheroe and Chorley, during a special Westminster debate on Medical Aesthetics Industry Regulation.

Their call has been supported by Blackburn grandmother Kathryn Hartley who suffered lumps on her eyebrows after Botox treatment in January.

Dr McKeating, a consultant anaesthetist and cosmetic doctor, went to see Mr Evans to raise his concerns.

The MP told junior health minister Jackie Doyle-Price: “A professional from a skin clinic in Ribble Valley came to see me at my surgery.

“He told me that somebody could administer Botox—actually inject something into someone’s face—without proper certificates and perhaps even without proper training.

“He showed me photographs of instances where the treatment had gone badly wrong.

“It is the NHS that has to pick up the misery, and in some cases it is far too late. We must get change in the system before more tragedy and misery occur.”

Dr McKeating said: “People can administer Botox and dermal fillers with no proper qualifications, proper training or insurance.

“There is no regulation at all on these procedures and it has to change.

“For Botox, which can cause a severe allergic reaction which in rare cases results in death, a prescription is required but it does not have to be issued to the therapist injecting it or the patient. For other dermal fillers not even a prescription is needed.

“These treatments can result in facial disfigurement and scarring when they go wrong. Private clinics like mine and the NHS have to pick up the damage.

“I have dealt with a handful of such cases and they cause people real distress.”

Ms Hartley, 52, said: “I fully support Dr McKeating and Mr Evans. My lumps have gone down but there needs to be proper regulation of these procedures and training for those giving them.

“I would warn anyone thinking of such treatments to check the medical qualifications of the therapist.”

Ms Doyle-Price said: “The time is right to take action. We are moving into a new period of regulation of dermal fillers.”

Farah Amiri, of Farah Aesthetics in Blackburn, which carried out the procedure on Mr Hartley said in January: “I have worked with Kathryn to provide the required aftercare and done everything in my power to ensure she has had a positive experience.”