THE Brexit Party won three of the North West’s eight seats available in Thursday’s European elections ­— with only Blackburn with Darwen bucking the trend in East Lancashire.

There, Labour decisively won the borough with 41.1 per cent of the vote with Nigel Farage’s new anti-EU grouping second on 25.9 and the Liberal Democrats on 8.7 per cent and the Conservatives on 6.4.

In Hyndburn, Burnley, Pendle, Rossendale and Chorley, the Brexit Party won comfortably with Labour in second place while in Ribble Valley it topped the poll, with 39.7 per cent with the Lib Dems second on 19.9 and the Conservatives third on 13.

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Labour held on to two seats but lost one with Burnley’s sitting Euro MP Cllr Wajid Khan missing out as third on their list as Green candidate and Lancashire County Councillor Gina Dowding securing a Brussels seat.

The Conservatives failed to gain a single MEP with Simonstone resident and former Pendle solicitor Sajjad Karim kicked out of the Euro Parliament after 15 years as his party secured just 7.55 per cent of the regional vote.

The Lib Dems, standing on a remain and second referendum platform, also won two seats returning veteran Chris Davies back to the Parliament after a five-year break, along with Jane Brophy.

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson came in eighth with just 2.24 per cent of the vote, behind UKIP on 3.6 and Change UK on 2.72. None of them secured a Euro MP.

The North West result reflected the national picture with the Brexit Party winning most seats, the Lib Dems second and Labour and the Tories suffering badly.

Lead Brexit Party candidate Claire Fox, former Revolutionary Communist, said: “This is a victory for grass roots democrats. Our cry for freedom will be heard.”

She will be joined in the new parliament by colleagues Henrik Nielsen and David Bull.

Cllr Dowding said: “We are seeing a Green wave across Europe for positive actions to address climate change.”

Theresa Griffin and Julie Ward were re-elected for Labour.

Mr Davies said: “We will confine Brexit to the dustbin. We will be in Brussels longer than five months.”

Ms Griffin said: “Labour will be back. We have more in common than that which divides us.”


Brexit Party: 31.23 per cent; Labour 21.91; LibDem 17.15; Green 12.48; Conservative 7.55; UKIP 3.6; Change UK 2.72; Tommy Robinson (Independent) 2.24; English Democrats 0.58; UK European Union Party 0.41; Mohmmad Aslam (Ind) 0.12.

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Elected MEP's: The Brexit Party: Claire Fox. Henrik Nielsen, David Bull; Labour: Theresa Griffin, Julie Ward; Liberal Democrats: Chris Davies, Jane Brophy; Green : Gina Dowding.


Lancashire Telegraph:

BLACKBURN WITH DARWEN - Labour 44.1 per cent; Brexit Party 25.9 per cent; LibDem 8.7; Green 6.2; Conservative 6.4; UKIP 3.1; Change UK 1.6; Tommy Robinson (Independent) 2.7; English Democrats 0.6; UK European Union Party 0.4; Mohmmad Aslam (Ind) 0.3.

BURNLEY - Brexit Party 39.4 per cent; Labour 25.6; LibDem 9.7; Green 8.2; Conservative 4.7; UKIP 2.5; Change UK 1.6 ; Tommy Robinson (Independent) 4.4; English Democrats 0.7; UK European Union Party 3.1; Mohmmad Aslam (Ind) 0.1.

HYNDBURN - Brexit Party 39.1per cent; Labour 25.5; LibDem 8.1; Green 7.5; Conservative 8; UKIP 5.4; Change UK 1.9; Tommy Robinson (Independent) 3.2; English Democrats 0.7; UK European Union Party 0.3; Mohmmad Aslam (Ind) 0.2.

PENDLE - Brexit Party 34.4per cent; Labour 26.1; LibDem 10.5; Green 7.4; Conservative12.6; UKIP 4.1; Change UK 1.6; Tommy Robinson (Independent) 2.1 ; English Democrats 0.6; UK European Union Party 0.4; Mohmmad Aslam (Ind) 0.2.

RIBBLE VALLEY - Brexit Party 39.7 per cent; Labour 6.4; LibDem 19.9; Green 12.8; Conservative13 ; UKIP 3.2 ; Change UK 2.6; Tommy Robinson (Independent) 1.5; English Democrat 0.5; UK European Union Party 0.3; Mohmmad Aslam (Ind) 0.

ROSSENDALE - Brexit Party 37.3per cent; Labour 16.3; LibDem 13.1; Green 12.4 ; Conservative 9.6; UKIP 4.3; Change UK 2.8; Tommy Robinson (Independent) 3.1; English Democrats 0.7; UK European Union Party 0.4; Mohmmad Aslam (Ind) 0.1.

CHORLEY - Brexit Party 37.4per cent; Labour 16.2; LibDem 15; Green 11.1; Conservative 10.7; UKIP 3.5; Change UK 3.3 ; Tommy Robinson (Independent) 1.7; English Democrats 0.6; UK European Union Party 0.4 ; Mohmmad Aslam (Ind) 0.1.