The Bishop of Blackburn's annual Harvest Appeal 2018 raised £22,817 in 2018.

The money will support agricultural programmes in two different countries.

The Bishop, the Rt Rev Julian Henderson, has thanked those Church of England members and others across Lancashire who gave to the appeal.

In Sierra Leone, it will support the 'Kids in Kailahun' project which gives orphaned children the skills and resources to make a living from the land.

In the Amazon part of Brazil, the appeal cash will help marginalised Quilombola (ex-slave) communities to make the most of the South American country's nut harvest and protect a vital part of the world environment.

The Rt Rev. Julian Henderson said: “In what are difficult times for many, the giving to my Harvest Appeal is cause for much thanksgiving to God.

"I am grateful to everyone who has made a contribution."