A MAN launched a brutal attack on his own dog after the pair had been placed in the back of a police van.

Blackburn magistrates heard Scott Anthony Hibbert repeatedly punched and kicked his Staffordshire Bull Terrier before swinging it round by its chain lead and then throttling it.

One of the officers who witnessed the attack said it was the most horrific behaviour towards an animal they had ever seen.

Hibbert, 21, of Redlam, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, damaging a Nissan Micra and a Ford Transit van.

He was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report with a condition that he does not have control of any animal before the next hearing on July 3.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said police were called after Hibbert was seen kicking out at vehicles parked at the side of the road at about 9am. Hibbert was arrested and at the time had his dog with him.

“They both ended up in the back of the van where Hibbert started shouting and swearing and banging his head on the cage door,” said Miss Allan.

“He then started punching and kicking the dog and when it got angry picked it up by the throat and started shouting at it.

“One of the officers described how the dog was completely silent by that stage and remained so after it had been removed from the defendant,” said Miss Allan.

“That officer said he had never seen such an aggressive act towards an animal.”

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said after an all night drinking session Hibbert had fallen out with his brother and then vented his anger on the vehicles and then his dog.

“He has had the dog since it was a puppy and he can’t understand why he has acted in this way,” said Mr Taylor.