A FAMILY has claimed a hospital failed to spot sepsis in two of their relatives who have died.

Nigel Rayson, 56 and Lorraine Walton, 79, from Blackburn, both died at Royal Blackburn Hospital earlier this year.

But relative Jenna Rayson said the family only found out their loved ones had sepsis when they received their death certificates.

She said her dad died of multiple organ failure and of chest sepsis, while her nan died of a severe acute kidney injury, lower respiratory tract infection and of sepsis.

East Lancashire Hospitals Trust bosses expressed condolences but could not comment further.

Ms Rayson, 34, from Ewood, Blackburn, said: “On January 7, our dad got rushed into hospital as he had chest pain but had waited all morning for a doctor to come which she eventually did in the afternoon.

“That’s when she said ring an ambulance and our dad was placed in A&E where he finally collapsed and then was taken straight up to the Intensive Care Unit.

“The death certificate for my dad showed he had died of multiple organ failure and of chest sepsis.”

While at hospital, Ms Rayson said the family were told by the hospital that Mr Rayson had an infection, before he went on to develop pneumonia and delirium.

Ms Rayson said that the hospital also told the family Mr Rayson might have suffered a stroke but he hadn’t before they were then informed he had renal failure.

He died on January 18 and leaves behind children Jenna and Dillon Rayson and grandchildren Shannon, Leo and Logan Rayson.

Mrs Rayson said: “This has absolutely crushed the whole family.

“We believe our dad was failed hugely as we didn’t know our dad had chest sepsis until we picked up the death certificate.”

She then says her nan Lorraine Walton died two months after on April 13.

She added: “She died undignified at her bed side with the curtain open on a ward of no peace. Sepsis yet again was failed to be recognised.

“We want answers from the hospital as to whether they knew my dad and nan had sepsis and why they didn’t tell us, and if they didn’t know, why was it not picked up?

“We want the hospital to investigate this and want an apology.”

Dr Ian Stanley, acting medical director for the trust, said: “We realise this must be a very difficult time for this family, and we send them our condolences. However, we cannot discuss individual patient details via the media.

“The family have not made a complaint to the trust and we’d urge them to contact our customer relations team so we can look into their concerns.”