A MAN who bombarded his ex girlfriend with abusive texts and phone calls, and made threats to rape and stab her father has been jailed.

Shabaz Malik, 24, pleaded guilty to harassment after continuously calling and texting his victim between April 2 and April 10, whereby on one occasion he turned up at her home and repeatedly kicked at the front door and hurled threats of violence and abusive language at her.

Preston Crown Court heard how Malik and his victim had been in a relationship for 10 years, but it had ended at the beginning of March.

Prosecuting, Mercedeh Jabbari said that contact between the pair had been amicable up until the date of the first offence.

Ms Jabbari said: “Between April 1 and April 11, his behaviour towards her deteriorated. He contacted her on multiple occasions at all hours of the day, by telephone and text. This then culminated in the offence that arose on April 2.”

The court then heard how on the morning of April 2, Malik had turned up, under the influence of alcohol, at his victim’s Blackburn home, and began shouting at her in an aggressive and angry manner.

He was told to leave or the police would be called. Malik initially left the area but then returned and began hurling more abuse at his victim.

Ms Jabbari said that at one point, Malik shouted that he was going to ‘stab and rape’ the victim’s father, and would come back and ‘murder them all that night’.

In a recording played in court, Malik, of Watling Close, Blackburn, can be heard battering the front door of the property and shouting: “I’m going to kill you.”

The police were called and Malik was arrested.

Defending, Kevin Donnelly said his client accepted his behaviour was disgusting and felt shame at his actions.

Judge Graham Knowles QC said Malik’s threats to stab and rape the victim’s father caused her mother great concern, as she did not know if he was going to follow through with the threats.

He said: “The messages you sent were odious. They contained threats to eat her father’s face and to rape him. Since your arrest she has been contacted by members of your family who have tried to make her feel guilty for pressing charges against you.

“That coupled with the thought you might have been given bail and gone back to her address has caused distress to the point she has not wanted to leave the house.

“You have been a criminal since your teenage years. You are a controlling man lacking in self-control.

“Domestic relations make the offences more serious as it abuses trust and there may be a continued threat to the victim’s safety.”

Malik, who has 13 previous convictions, was jailed for 12 months. An indefinite restraining order was imposed, banning Malik from contacting his victim directly or indirectly.