A YOUNG budding director and actress has been filmed for an upcoming music video by a BBC emerging artist.

Poppy Mottershead of Haslingden is only 10-years-old but has already been recognised at Rossendale’s Footlights Theatre by an upcoming singer called IORA.

After filming in April at a derelict theatre in Manchester for the song Eyes Of A Beast, Poppy is now looking forward to seeing the music video for the first time.

The young star said: “It was pretty exciting. I was a little nervous first, but when we started filming, I was glad I did it. I’ve been telling all my friends.

“It was really cold though, so I turned the heaters up in the car in between filming.”

Poppy attends Helmshore Primary School, where the headteacher told her they would show the whole school the music video when it is out.

The young actor and singer attends the Footlights Theatre in Rossendale every week, where she was spotted by IORA.

Her mum, Emma Mottershead, said: “IORA saw Poppy on the Footlights Facebook. I’m really excited for Poppy, and a very proud mum, because this is good experience for her.

“She has always been creative. She loves art and writing stories too, and gets the musical side from her Dad, who plays guitar.

“I even joined the adult drama classes. I think Aaron, who runs the theatre is amazing.”

In the music video, Poppy dresses in an orange dress and plays the youngest version of the elder actress.

Poppy can be seen applying make up to her face in the mirror and running around with an orange string.

Her two brothers, Kaine and Ollie previously attended the theatre, but Poppy is the one who stayed and aspires to become a film director, or an artist.

IORA is an electronic folk artist from Manchester, who has yet to release the music video.