A NEW chemical treatment line at a Darwen aerospace firm has cost £1million.

Kaman UK, of India Mill, will now be able to deliver top-line surface treatment techniques to customers.

Live demonstrations of their capabilities are set to take place before no fewer than 70 industry leaders tomorrow.

Computer-controlled with fully automated loading, immersion and transfer, the line boasts three, five and eight-foot baths.

Christopher Morris, the company's UK managing director, said: "This is a significant stage in the development of the Darwen site which will bring extensive benefits to our customers.

"There is a huge demand for treatments capability in the industry and this line will deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution."

Some functions they can now offer include chromic acid anodising, chemical conversion coating, acid pickling and cleaning of titanium, vac blast, zinc spray, welding and paint finishing. Plans are in place for tartaric and sulphuric anodising, further expanding their treatments offer.