ONE of East Lancashire's largest employers is teaming up with an online partner to create the next generation of hi-tech mums.

Bosses at are linking up with Digital Mums to offer extensive training for women looking to re-enter the world of work.

Twenty candidates will be selected to undertake two year social media manager training programmes, funded by the Accrington company.

An introduction to the intricacies of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Trello will form part of the training, which usually costs entrants £2,500 apiece.

It is hoped these digital skills will then enable learners to launch online careers in whichever field takes their fancy.

The openings will be available to anyone who has been away from the jobs market for two years, including maternity leave

Paul Kendrick, managing director of Studio Retail, said: "Most of our customers are mums, and we know they often face challenges when returning to work, especially as digital technologies are transforming jobs so quickly.

"They are also underrepresented when it comes to investment in upskilling, especially those who have left the workplace.

"As a digital-first business, we are committed to digital development, so this partnership is a natural step in that direction, helping to equip savvy women with the digital skills needed for modern work.”

Digital Mums was founded in 2013 by Nikki Cochrane and Kathryn Tyler and exists to provide women with social media and digital skills, with a high success rate.

Nikki added: "Our goal has always been to empower women with the skills, self-confidence and self-belief to find #WorkThatWorks for them.

"The course represents a great opportunity for us to do just that for a group of women who might not have otherwise had the chance.

"These courses have changed the lives of so many women in just six years. We are really excited to see what more we can do support event more talented mothers return to the workplace, hustle for the roles - and pay - they deserve whilst making positive changes in their careers."

Candidates have until 6pm on May 26 to sign up for the course and applications can be made online at