AN 'hysterical' man was escorted out of a college after demanding to use the toilet.

An eyewitness said a man walked into Accrington and Rossendale College on Thursday at around 10.30am and asked to use the toilet.

A member of staff declined his request and the man became angry, the eyewitness said.

The eyewitness said: "He started hurling abuse at her and stepped into her personal space.

"He pointed his finger at her and was screaming at her.

"He called her names and threatened to drag her out.

"He flipped in a split second and became hysterical and she kept asking him to leave.

"She offered to walk outside with him.

"It was quite scary, but she handled herself kept herself calm and escorted him out.

"He recognised someone inside one of the classrooms and stormed off muttering to himself."

A college spokesman said: "A man came into the reception area and was escorted out of the building.

"The incident did not last very long and the man was removed from the building.

"He did not gain access to hallways or classrooms.

"The police were not called as we believed the matter has been dealt with and no further actions were required."