A COUNCIL leader has promised to look at improving the provision for disposing of cigarette ends in its on street litter bins.

Hyndburn's political boss Cllr Miles Parkinson was responding to an enquiry about the issue from Oswaldtwistle county councillor Peter Britcliffe.

He contacted Hyndburn Council after a resident was fined £75 for dropping a cigarette butt who pointed out that the nearby bins were unsuitable for disposing of fag ends.

County Cllr Britcliffe said: "I have been contacted by a resident who has been fined £75 for throwing a cigarette end down in the street.

"Actually they were aiming for the drain but missed!

"Whilst I cannot condone such actions I do think the resident makes a good point when they say there is no provision with our on street litter receptacles to put out cigarettes.

"Surely if the Council is fining people for dropping cigarette ends there should be on street provision for cigarette disposal and then there is no excuse ?"

Cllr Parkinson said: “We’ll review different options for cigarette disposal when we replace existing litter bins.

"But our message is clear, if you don’t drop litter, which includes cigarette butts, and always pick up after your dog, you won’t risk a fine.

"Putting litter down highway drains is still littering and could eventually block highway gullies and cause localised flooding."

Private enforcement contractor Kingdom Services started work tackling littering and dog fouling for Hyndburn Council in October.

Their patrol teams have powers to issue on-the-spot fines to offenders.