There was 22 cotton mills in Great Harwood during the 1900s.

Most wage-earners in the town worked in them.

There was scarcely any other way of earning a living during the early 20th century.

Life centred around them and whenever it was possible the weavers would celebrate a festive occasion in their own way.

The alleys and looms would be decorated with streamers and other bunting.

Pictured below is Tim Wilkinson and his daughter at Waverledge Mill.

The place was trimmed for a village wedding.

Mrs A Baxter, sister or Mr Wilkinson, provided the curtains, pictures and plants.

The industrial age had massive impact on the town.

The 1811 census showed 1,676 people lived there, which grew to 13,815 by 1911.

This was down to the number of jobs growing.