Nine people from across East Lancashire took part in a gruelling Royal Marines challenge and helped raise £10k for charity.

The six men and three women joined 15 others from across the UK to tackle the 30 Miler Commando Test - a notorious challenge carried out by Royal Marine Recruits at the end of their training.

The challenge, which took place on the bank holiday weekend, was one in series of charity events organised by a group of Marines from East Lancashire, who are taking on the

Ocean Revival 2020

challenge, to raise awareness of plastics in our oceans.

Royal Marine Commando, Dom Rogers said: "Last weekend we hosted one of our charity challenges, the Royal Marines 30 miler commando test.

"This test is one of four tests that all Royal Marine recruits have to complete at the end of training and it’s known to be a notorious test as it's completed over tough terrain in Dartmoor and must be done in eight hours.

"Twenty four civilians from across the country took on the challenge, including a 13 year old boy, and they all did amazing.

"More to the point they raised £10k for the Royal Marines charity."

Ocean Revival 2020 will see Mr Rogers, and fellow marine, Matt Mason, from Accrington, row 3700 miles across the treacherous North Atlantic.

Along with two other marines, they plan to complete the row in 60 days, leaving from New York in June 2020 and arriving in London before September.