MORE than a century ago Blackburn suffered one of its worst floods.

On November 12, 1901, Salford in Blackburn, was under water after a 16-hour downpour.

It turned the River Blakewater, normally a trickle, into a torrent that spilled over town-centre Salford Bridge.

Looking from Church Street, past the ivy-clad home of Rural District medical officer Dr William Pollard on the left corner, down Home Street to the aptly-named New Water Street, we can see the frontage of the Theatre Royal in Ainsworth Street.

Inside the flood reached the height of the stage.

People whose homes and shops were flooded blamed Blackburn Corporation which had built a dam downstream near the town's electricity works.

It cost the council £3,500 in compensation.

If you look closely you can see a beer barrel washed up against the tramways cable post.