A pensioner who has voted in every election since she was 21 has been turned away from a polling station for not having ID.

The 87-year-old has lashed out at the 'stupid' system being controversially trialled at polling stations in Pendle, after she was told by election officers that she wouldn't be able to vote.

Instead of bringing a piece of recommended photo ID, it is believed the lady brought a photograph of herself after misunderstanding the instructions.

Labour candidate for Horsfield ward in Colne, Wayne Blackburn said: "I spoke with this lovely lady earlier and she was so unhappy to have not been able to vote.

"We should be encouraging people to vote, not creating more barriers.

"That's why I oppose this trial here in Pendle."

Mr Blackburn said it was 'by far the worst case' he had seen after hearing cases where other people had been turned away.

He said: "In one case someone was turned away and they categorically said they wouldn't be returning."

Last year, Pendle Council announced they would be trialling a controversial anti-fraud scheme that required voters to present ID at polling stations before they could cast their ballot.

Pendle Borough Council returning officer Philip Mousdale said: "The last thing we want is people being unable to vote so I’m very sorry to hear about this case.

"We ran a far reaching communications campaign, which included writing to all households twice, to let residents know that photo ID would be needed to vote and how to apply for a Local Electoral Card if they didn’t have any.

"And the poll cards were another reminder of the need for photo ID listing what would be accepted."

The pensioner, from Pendle, who did not wish to be named, said the officers that were on knew who she was, but they weren’t allowed to let her vote.

She said: "How stupid is that?"

Claiming that she had voted in every election since she was 21, the 87-year-old said she wouldn't be coming back with ID before the polls closed at 10pm.

Pendle Council have said that a wide range of photo ID could be used, not just drivers' licences or passports.