FIVE people were rescued in a fire at an East Lancashire hotel after a youth on his way home from a party had raised the alarm.

But a pet dog at the pub, the Junction Hotel, Brierfield, died in the fire.

The licensee, Arthur Boys, his wife Elsie, his daughter Maureen Willis, and her husband, Peter, his six-month-old granddaughter, Joanna, and 83-year-old mother-in law Annie Wilkinson, were all in bed at the time.

The alarm was raised by Stephen Greenwood, 18, of Junction Street, Brierfield, who saw smoke billowing from a window at the back of the premises.

After banging on the door and whistling to rouse the licensee and his relatives, Mr Greenwood ran 100 yards up the road for the fire service.

When crews arrived, Mr Boys had got out of the hotel but his wife and relatives were trapped on the first floor as the fire blocked the stairs.

Mrs Wilkinson and baby Joanna were carried down a fire escape and Mr and Mrs Willis were able to get down the ladder.

A fireman wearing breathing apparatus went into the hotel to rescue Mrs Boys, who was in another room.

Three-year-old Labrador Poascher, died in the blaze despite attempts by fire crews to arrive her.

All six people were taken to hospital.

The pub was closed following the fire.