A TRAINEE accountant who fractured a van driver’s elbow in a road rage attack has been spared jail.

Burnley Crown Court heard how victim David Tattersall was overtaking a slower moving van in his silver pick-up truck on the westbound slip road of the M65 at Barrowford at 8.45am on May 24 when he was undertaken by defendant Mubashar Iqbal in a black Volkswagen Golf.

However there was no room for Iqbal, whose heavily pregnant wife was in the passenger seat, to make that manoeuvre and he had to go onto the hard shoulder to avoid a crash.

Prosecuting, Emma Kehoe said as Mr Tattersall got onto the carriageway, 25-year-old Iqbal cut across him in the Golf.

Ms Kehoe said: “The black Volkswagen came straight in front of Mr Tattersall’s truck and slammed its brakes on. It did that on two occasions. Mr Tattersall was forced to put his brakes on to avoid a collision.

“Mr Tattersall was very concerned. He was angry and shaken up. As the black Volkswagen left the motorway at the next junction Mr Tattersall followed it.

“They were both stuck at the traffic lights at the Nelson turn-off on the M65.”

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The court heard how both men got out of their vehicles and exchanged angry words. Such was the level of Iqbal’s rage, he was unintentionally spitting in Mr Tattersall’s face.

Ms Kehoe said the victim, by his own admission, pushed Iqbal but his response was to punch Mr Tattersall in the face twice, causing a cut above his eye which needed nine stitches.

However Ms Kehoe said it was the prosecution’s case that Iqbal slammed the driver’s side door of the pickup truck onto Mr Tattersall’s arm, fracturing his left elbow.

Iqbal, of Selby Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and dangerous driving.

Defending Bob Elias said his client had lost his temper and denied Iqbal had used the driver’s door as a weapon. He also said sending Iqbal to jail would have a ‘catastrophic impact’ on his family as his wife was now pregnant with their second child and he was the primary carer for his mother who has dementia.

Judge Sara Dodd said: “The manner of your driving on such a busy road created a very real risk of serious injury - or worse - for others and your then unborn child. Not only was it immature and reckless it was wholly dangerous.”

Iqbal was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months. He must also do 140 hours' unpaid work and pay £300 compensation. He was also banned from driving for 12 months.