NEIGHBOURS took to the streets to protest about drivers racing at up to nearly 50mph through their village.

For the last decade concerns have been raised by residents and the parish council about drivers racing through the villages of Langho and Billington, exceeding the 30mph speed limit on Whalley Road.

On Saturday, a dozen Langho residents, dressed in bright hi-viz jackets, braved the torrential rain to stage their first protest against what the say is the lack of action taken by the highways authority, Lancashire County Council, to put measures in place to enforce the speeding restrictions. They have called for speed cameras to be introduced in the village.

A placard was stationed at the bottom of Rogersfield estate, at the junction of Whalley Road, saying ‘30. What is your speed?’

Mum-of-one Ruth Baxter, who has lived in Langho for 12 years, described the speeding levels as ‘horrendous’. The 51-year-old said: “How there’s not been accident I do not know. The main road has become a rat run for racers. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

The protestors measured speeds of drivers throughout the day and one was recorded travelling at 49mph on Whalley Road.

Several other drivers were found to have exceeded 40mph on the 30mph stretch.

One of the village estates, Rogersfield, has a 20mph speed restriction and villagers said they have seen cars ‘fly through’ at speeds of over 30mph.

David Elliot, 64, who lives on Rogersfield estate, said: “The frustrating thing is Lancashire County Council do all the screen surveys and they notice people are speeding but they won’t make any changes.

“No more road signs are introduced because the council says it does not have the money.”

Calls have now been made to install permanent cameras with the nearest permanent speed camera thought to be situated nearly three miles away in Roe Lee.

Police set up mobile speed cameras in the village several times a year but residents have said they are placed at the worst vantage points and should be used more frequently.

The parish council has contacted County Hall detailing the concerns of residents and one of the parish councillors, Tony Austin, attended the protest to offer his support. Cllr Austin, who lives on Moorland Road, Langho, said: “Something urgent needs to be done about this. Having mobile speed cameras stationed several times in the year isn’t enough. We need something more permanent.”

Lancashire County Council’s highways boss, Keith Iddon, was unavailable for comment.