A pensioner died when he contracted a chest infection after falling and fracturing his hip, an inquest heard.

Alan Moore, who was 96-years-old, died on February 25, while being cared for in Andrews Court Care Home, Blackburn.

Mr Moore was prone to falling, and had been living independently up until November, but was admitted to Springfield Care Home following a fall that same month.

Between November and February, he had managed to avoid any more accidents and he and his family were in the process of looking for long term residential accommodation for him.

The inquest was told that Mr Moore was due to be discharged on February 4, but the day before, he fell in his room while trying to move unaided, and fractured his hip.

Coroner James Newman said: "He was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital where he had an operation and was fit for discharge.

"Mr Moore was then transferred to Andrews Court Care Home on Livesey Branch Road, but was only there for a day before he was diagnosed with a chest infection, which was partly do to the operation."

Mr Newman explained that on the day of his death care staff had helped Mr Moore get dressed and were taking him to the communal area when his breathing became difficult.

Staff took him into the nearest bedroom and laid him down on the bed, but he died very soon after.

Mr Newman said: "Alan Moore died as a result of a chest infection contracted after he underwent an operation.

"I record an accidental death conclusion due to him sustaining a hip fracture after a fall."