A 79-year-old man who had been suffering with leukaemia died peacefully after his chemotherapy was stopped.

Thomas Mullarkey, who had been sectioned under the mental health act in 2016, died in Kemple View mental health unit in Langho on December 13.

An inquest in Preston heard that Mr Mullarkey had been diagnosed with the form of cancer in 2018, and also suffered from other medical complications including an irregular heartbeat, anaemia, and problems with his bladder, for which he'd had surgery in 2014.

Coroner James Newman explained that Mr Mullarkey had been started on a course of chemotherapy in May, but by October, doctors decided to withdraw the treatment as it was having little benefit.

Mr Newman said: "The chemo wasn't working so it was withdrawn and he commenced with palliative care."

Summing up the inquest, Mr Newman recorded a conclusion of death by natural causes and said that Mr Mullarkey died peacefully after suffering with severe anaemia which was exacerbated by the fact he had been living with leukaemia.