A CORONER has spoken out and pleaded with young men not to suffer in silence with mental health issues following the death of a 32-year-old.

At an inquest into the death of Neil Jex, who took his own life in March after hiding his feelings from his family, coroner James Newman said he would welcome anything that can be done to highlight the danger of suicide in young men.

He said: “I would encourage any young men who are finding themselves in this situation to talk to family or health care professionals in order to revert what is becoming one of the biggest killers of young men in our time.”

The inquest heard how the father from Blackburn was found dead by his mother, Lynn Orange, on the morning of March 5, in the home they shared on Rothesay Road, Shadsworth.

Mr Newman said: “Neil had no health issues and his family had no knowledge of any mental health problems and were unaware he was depressed.

“He had returned home from work on Monday March 4 before going to bed around 8pm.

“The following day his mother was woken at 6am by his alarm going off. When it didn’t stop she went to his bedroom but the door was blocked so she called for help.

“When she managed to get into the room she found Neil on the bed.”

Consultant radiologist, Dr Kanma Mehta, confirmed that Neil had died through asphyxiation.

In a statement, Ms Orange said her son seemed very happy and she never had any concerns about him.

She said the only significant event she recalls was the death of his father when Neil was in his twenties, something that he took very badly.

She said: “He tried to hide it from us but we were aware how devastating it was for him.”

The court was told how Neil had moved out of his family home a few times when he had been in relationships, but had moved back in with his mother after the last one ended.

The hearing was told he had struggled to deal with some personal issues, including access to one of his children, but in the days leading up to his death, Ms Orange said he had seemed really positive and was planning a future for him and his daughter.

Mr Newman explained that a note was found on the bed outlining Neil's emotional distress and providing an explanation of the complexities in his personal life.

She said she had had no idea her son was feeling so low and could not understand why he had taken his own life.

She said: “It has devastated the whole family.”

Mr Newman said: “Neil was a young man who, despite some issues in his personal life, had his whole life ahead of him and to everyone around him appeared to be making plans for the future.”

Mr Newman offered his condolences to his family and recorded a conclusion of suicide.