A STUDENT nurse who was struggling to cope with the pressures of the job took her own life, an inquest heard.

Charlotte Hillary, who had almost completed a nursing degree at Edge Hill University, died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on March 22, seven days after hanging herself at her home in Rishton.

Khairun Hillary found her daughter in the family home in Barn Meadow Crescent and called an ambulance, the inquest was told.

Paramedics performed CPR but by that time Charlotte's brain had been deprived of oxygen.

The 24-year-old was transferred to Royal Blackburn Hospital but unfortunately the brain injury was too severe.

A statement from Mrs Hillary explained how Charlotte had been on placement in the A&E department at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital, but was finding it difficult to cope with the stress.

The statement read: “She was involved in a car accident in 2014 and suffered from stress and anxiety. She decided to take time out from uni and then returned to complete her nursing degree in 2017.

“She always did her best and worked very hard. In January she began her penultimate placement, but it upset her because of the nature of the work.”

A statement from her GP Dr Sean Burke said he had seen Charlotte on March 11, following an incident in February that had upset her, leaving her wanting to quit uni.

He prescribed her with anti-depressants after she complained of feeling down and anxious and was finding her nursing placement in A&E stressful.

She was due to see a private counsellor and they had arranged a follow-up appointment for two weeks later.

Coroner James Newman said: “Her family found a note in the kitchen, in which Charlotte had asked for forgiveness saying she couldn’t cope any more. Her death had left them shocked, confused and devastated.

“Charlotte was clearly a caring and compassionate young lady, and in caring for so many others she had neglected her own health.

“The difficulties she faced in terms of stress and anxiety about her career played heavily on her mind. Despite seeing her GP and having put in place steps for further care, something on March 15 led her to harm herself.

“The fact Charlotte left a note is clear indication of the intent she had and I record a verdict of suicide.”