A RUNAWAY coach careered into the showroom window of a garage, narrowly missing a salesman and damaging two cars.

This picture, taken in February 10, 1982, shows the aftermath of the crash at Kitchen's Garage, Colne.

Salesman Ian Woodward stepped out of a door at the Skipton Road garage just as the driverless coach sailed past inches from him.

A Renault Fuego parked outside the garage was crushed and another vehicle damaged.

Mr Woodward, 22, of Barden Lane, Burnley, said: "I heard a bang as the coach hit a road sign, and went out to see what had happened.

"As I got outside, the coach whistled past me. It missed me by inches.

"I ran back inside and watched as it came through the showroom windows. I was a bit shaken. Another foot and it could have killed me."