AN election candidate has been accused of misleading voters on his campaign literature.

Conservative candidate, Konrad Tapp, delivered printed leaflets throughout the Darwen West ward over the Easter weekend.

The leaflet said the election hopeful has been referred to as Councillor Konrad Tapp, a position he hasn’t occupied since 2018.

In a pre-local election spat between rival parties, the former councillor is being accused of lying to gain votes.

Labour councillor for Darwen, Dave Smith said: “Konrad Tapp used to be a councillor, but he certainly isn’t one now. He stood for Darwen last year but wasn’t elected.

“He’s not been a councillor for at least a year so to print this is telling lies. He’s misleading them. If he can’t get a basic bit of information like that right, what can he get right?”

Conservative councillor for West Pennine, Julie Slater, who is involved in Mr Tapp’s election campaign, said that the mistake had been a printing error. Mrs Slater said: “There’s been a complete and utter error in printing. There have been other leaflets that have been sent out and are still being sent out that have corrected that wording.

“Somebody has edited it and it’s gone to print and it’s changed.”

The mistake comes two weeks after Hyndburn candidate, Lisa Allen, came under fire on social media for misspelling Oswaldtwistle, the town she had represented for four years.