In 2002, David Davis said that a referendum “can be a dangerous tool…referendums should be held when people know exactly what they are getting… We should not ask people to vote on a blank sheet of paper and tell them to trust us to fill in the details afterwards.”

Theresa May has made it her mission to be the Prime Minister that delivers Brexit. She has taken the blank sheet of paper and filled in the details with her universally hated deal.

We voted to leave the EU, her deal gets us out of the EU, so why do apparently only 14 per cent of people support it rather than 52 per cent?

Hard Brexiteer MPs have taken a similar approach and have filled in the blank sheet of paper with a no-deal.

The fact that this won’t deliver any of the promises of the leave campaign in 2016 (beyond the simplistic truth of leaving the EU) doesn’t seem to bother them.

The referendum was, as everyone knows, advisory. Brexiters will remind us of David Cameron’s promise to implement the result, but I also remember him promising us the greenest government ever.

I fail to see why the current parliament should have their hands tied because of something Cameron promised shortly before he quit. David Davis was right, so let’s have another referendum and let the people fill in the blank sheet of paper.

Neil Mercer