A 'VULNERABLE' young woman resorted to selling sexual favours to support her out of control drug habit.

Blackburn magistrates heard Rebecca Stevenson was using 30 mini canisters of gas a day as well as taking other drugs.

Shaun Finnigan, defending, said his client had admitted to him that she was selling her body to fund her drug abuse.

“Her support worker has told me she is being preyed upon by men because of her vulnerability,” he said.

The court heard Stevenson, 20, was made subject to a suspended sentence and community order in January but probation officer Julie Dunne said she was due to be breached because she had totally failed to co-operate.

She said a multi-agency case conference had been told Stevenson was using 30 canisters of butane a day as well as cocaine, amphetamine, spice and heroin. "It was also revealed she was selling sexual services to fund her entrenched drug lifestyle,” said Mrs Dunne.

Stevenson, of Queen Street, Clayton-le-Moors, pleaded guilty to damaging a door belonging to Jonathon Hanson on March 1.

She was jailed for 14 days for the offence and a further 28 days for being in breach of a suspended sentence.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said Mr Hanson was the defendant’s neighbour.

The offences which led to the suspended sentence were an assault on Mr Hanson’s adult daughter and an assault on the police officer who arrested her.

“On this day she was banging on his door saying she needed a taxi,” said Mr Robinson.

“He said he wanted nothing to do with her and she started banging on the door and kicking it. The door and the casing were damaged.”

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In May Stevenson appeared before magistrates after she was found to be drunk and disorderly at Royal Blackburn Hospital. The court heard how police had been called at 8.30am to reports a woman was causing a nuisance.

When police arrived she was on the floor and, after ascertaining she was medically fit, went to remove her.

In August Stevenson was banned from entering George Street, Great Harwood, after pleading guilty to assaulting Jacqueline Stevenson. She was also prohibited from contact Ms Stevenson for two years.