LITTER pickers fed up with dog poo in their neighbourhood have come up with a novel way of highlighting people's lazy behaviour.

Waterside Action Group in Colne has been hunting down every piece of dog poo in the green spaces they regularly litter-pick, and planting a flag in each one.

And in just one area alone they planted 200 flags.

WAG volunteer Liz Hurley said: “We place the flags next to the dollops, photograph them and then send the evidence to the cleansing department at the council and demand a clear-up. The flags are then removed and disinfected to be used the following week at a new location.”

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Chair of the action group, Alice Mann, said dog mess and litter are a bugbear for residents, so they decided to launch their campaign, called Flag It Up.

Mrs Mann said: “During the first flagging, on the green space behind Laithe Street and Knotts Lane in Colne, we put up 200 flags before running out without finishing.

“Dog owners approached us to ask what we were doing and blamed just a handful of residents for blighting the area."