Burnley police dog, Lancon Arran, and his trainer, PC Ken Inkle, were celebrating in 1981, as they were awarded the Lancashire Constabulary Handler and Dog of the Year Trophy.

PC Inkle and his trusty side-kick, who had been in partnership for only 15 months, caught more offenders than any other police dog team in the county.

At home, the two-and-a-half-year-old Alsatian is the family pet, and is known as a big softy, but when he's patrolling the streets, he's as sharp as a needle in helping to catch criminals.

PC Inkle, 33, said: "My wife and I have sons aged seven, five and two, and we all get on famously with this dog.

"He is a big softy really, but the offenders we have caught between us will not think so."