SIX sheds were destroyed when yobs set fire to an allotment site.

Two fire crews from Bacup spent four hours putting out the blaze in Huttock End Lane, Stacksteads, on Thursday night.

A spokesman for Bacup Fire Service said: “Fires like this are a threat to community safety.

"It also means that while we are busy putting out these fires, we are unable to respond to critical incidents.

The six sheds usually contained pigeons – but they had been moved before the fire started.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Police were called to the incident, which is being treated as arson.

Nobody was injured in the fire.

But allotment holders have lost their sheds and say they are not insured.

A fire service spokesman added: "This is a significant loss for the community, who use the area to grow their own produce.

"We haven’t come across cases like this at allotment sheds before, this is a unique incident.”

Ward councillor for Stacksteads Jackie Oates said: “The sheds have been completely burnt out. Vandalism is so pointless and a waste of time and resources.

“There were no pigeons in the sheds, but there were pigeons on the other side, which could have been affected.

"This would have been a disaster if the fire crews hadn’t put it out when they did.

“There have been many fires in Bacup lately, especially moor fires. If fire crews hadn’t stopped this one, it could have spread up to the fields behind it. This could have been a lot worse.”

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Next to the allotments is the Rosemount Working Men’s Club which has CCTV footage of the area.

Officers are yet to study any footage to see if any suspects can be identified.

Police are now investigating the incident. Anyone with any information is asked to call 101.