A SCHOOL teacher who was travelling as a passenger on a motorcycle was killed when another biker failed to stop at a crossroads.

An inquest in to the death Evelyn Grace King heard how she died from multiple injuries after the Yamaha bike she was riding pillion on with her husband, Paul King, was hit by another motorcycle.

The couple had been on a trip in the Scottish Borders at the time of the incident, which happened on the A708 from Moffat to Selkirk.

The 53-year-old of Borrowdale Avenue, Blackburn, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Reports from the Scottish authorities provided to coroner Richard Taylor outlined how an investigation had taken place into the accident after it was found that the driver of the second motorcycle had failed to stop before crossing a junction.

In a statement, PC Alan Beatty said: “CCTV footage from the Gordon Arms pub showed that the southbound motorcyclist failed to stop at a stop line and collided with the eastbound Yamaha of which Mrs King was a passenger.

“Both motorcycles were examined and found to be in good working order. A reconstruction of the incident was carried out and it is believed that the second motorcycle increased speed from 38mph to 42mph towards the incident point.

“Analysis revealed that both riders had no view of each other. This means Mr King had no time to react to the oncoming motorcycle.”

The inquest heard how the stop sign was clearly visible at the junction, giving the second motorcyclist no reason not to have stopped.

Reports at the time of the accident said that the second driver, along with his passenger, were both taken to hospital in a critical condition, but survived the accident.

Recording his conclusion, Mr Taylor said: “Mrs King died on the A708 on the 6th of May 2017 from injuries sustained in an accident when the motorcycle she was a passenger on was hit after a second motorcyclist failed to stop at a junction.”

At the time of her death, Mrs King's family described her as a precious daughter, beloved wife, and and loving mother and grandmother.