A FATHER-OF-FOUR'S life was saved thanks to the kiss-of-life and his wife.

Michael Willoughby, from Blackburn, received a severe electric shock when he touched the back of a TV set.

And ironically it was television that helped save his life as his wife Carole Willoughby had seen a programme.

In it the kiss-of-life was demonstrated and she had remembered how it was done.

But there were moments of panic before Mrs Willoughby went into action.

She said: "I ran screaming into the street and two neighbours came to help me, but neither of them knew what to do with an electric shock case.

"Then I thought of the kiss-of-life.

"She added: "One of the ambulance men who came told me that if I had not done this my husband would have been heading for Pleasington Cemetery.

"He said only a strong person person could stand such a shock.

"If it had happened five minutes later, I would have left for the hairdresser's. It was a lucky escape.

Warehouseman Mr Willoughby said: "I was treated for more than two hours at the hospital.

"I've got a lot to thank my wife for."