MORE than 250 people were inked with a semicolon tattoo in Blackburn last week, as part of a mass-tattooing event to raise awareness of suicide.

It was organised by Danielle Shaw, whose step-father took his own life in 2016.

After posting about the initiative on her Suicide Awareness/Prevention UK (SAPUK) Facebook page, word spread and, before long, more than 86 tattoo studios from around the world, including Grafix in Blackburn, had signed up to take part.

Miss Shaw said: "Chris and Ste from Grafix were just tattooing one person after the other from 7am ­— they were amazing.

"And to everybody that helped as well, thank you.

"People were coming in telling us how much it meant to them. One woman told us her story at how she wouldn’t have been here at Christmas if it wasn’t for her friend, and that was overwhelming.

"Others were thankful that this silent killer was being addressed like it should be."

The semicolon tattoo was born from a social media movement that started in 2013, and has since come to be recognised as a symbol for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Manager of Grafix tattoo studio, Chris Walker, said: "There were a lot of people coming through our doors on Friday.

"We were continuously tattooing people from around 7.15am until 4pm.

"I'm glad we got involved for this good cause as if it helps just one person it will have been worth it."

Miss Shaw added: "Everybody worked so hard to make sure the day went as well as it could; the sun was shining and all in all it was a brilliant day.

"SAPUK will continue to step forward to raise awareness for everybody we have lost and for everybody who is suffering."