A TEENAGER who struggled with mental health problems took his own life, an inquest heard.

Cian Proctor, 18, was found hanged in woodland near Beech Street, in Padiham, on January 9 this year.

He had been missing for several hours before he was discovered with friends and family issuing appeals on social media to help in their search to find him.

The hearing at Blackburn Town Hall heard how Cian, of The Shakespeare Hotel pub, Wytham Street, Padiham, had battled depression and anxiety and had made threats to end his own life.

His girlfriend Paige Nicholson had grown concerned about Cian after he left the pub on the evening of January 8.

The inquest heard that Cian had left with a small rucksack and some cash and had told his girlfriend that he was taking the bus to see his mum in Rishton.

He said that he would come back home on January 11 but Paige grew concerned after Cian failed to answer her calls and did not turn up at his mother's house in Rishton on the evening of January 8.

Police were contacted and a search for Cian was conducted which led to his body being discovered.

PC David Greenwood, of Burnley Police, said: “I was called to The Shakespeare Hotel after police received a concern for welfare call.

“A number of notes were found there that caused concern.

“A localised search of the area was carried out and Cian was found hanged in woods adjacent to sports pitches and close to a brook. He was found in a secluded location.”

The inquest heard that Cian’s mental health had deteriorated in the months leading up to his death and that he had an obsessive-compulsive disorder tendencies and had been unhappy with his appearance.

The hearing heard that Cian had not sought help for his mental health problems because he didn’t think it would help.

Recording a conclusion of suicide, East Lancashire assistant coroner Richard Taylor, said: “Cian was a very troubled young man, not able to be helped for his own reasons.”

He added: "Cian was found dead on January 9 this year in woods near Beech Street, Padiham, having suspended himself by the neck.”

Following Cian’s death, friends and family set up a fundraising page and raised more than £2,000 to help pay for funeral costs.

Candlelit vigils also took place in his memory at the Shakespeare while hundreds of tributes were made on social media.